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Ultrasonic Spraying Glassware Cleaning Machine

The perfect combination of Ultrasonic technique and full automatic spraying technology.

Technology advantages:

    Ultrasonic spraying (U&S) technology can complete washing, disinfecting and drying of a variety of common utensils.

    Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is powerful and flexible.

    304SSEP plates adopted, the whole machine is beautiful and elegant.

    The Cabin uses 316SS plate molded at one-time to be resistant to corrosion, and is of rounded design, having no dead ends, no residues.

    High-temperature cut-off (HTCF) technology prevents core components of the system from burning, idling so as to extend their working life.

    RS232 ports equipped can record, print, as well as trace cleaning data.

    FLOM short-message warning (FSMW) can be selected.

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